March 24, 2021

The Serenity Now (S9E3)

This week Ivan and Stephen move to Anytown USA and have ‘shiksa-peal’ as they talk about the secondary characters from the final Season 9 episode in the series, The Serenity Now.

Topics covered include ‘repeat’ Seinfeldisms, a day in the life of Steve Koren, Psychologists vs Psychiatrists, and Sleepless In Seattle; Seinfeldisms (from 2:50), Seinfeld News (from 5:04), episode trivia (from 8:36); secondary characters Patty (from 16:53), Adam Lippman (from 30:46:), and Lloyd Braun and Frank Costanza in the context of this episode (from 38:29:).

Where will the episode and/or any of the secondaries appear in our list of the greatest episodes and characters of all time? Listen and find out!

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Seinfeld News

Celloist Yo Yo Ma performs at a New York vaccination clinic:

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